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Robert Emmett

Saturday 21 October 2017 9:00am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:05am Danny Elfman   Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
9:09am Queen   Flash Gordon
9:12am Robert Cobert   Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Eluding the Police
9:17am Danny Elfman   Nightmare Before Christmas - This is Halloween
9:23am Eric Allman   Elvira's Haunted Hills overture
9:27am Roy Webb   Journey Into Fear
9:28am The Blobs   Beware the Blob
9:31am Kenyon Hopkins   The Yellow Canary Juke Box Yellow Canary, The Verve Records
9:34am Mark Mancina   Twister
9:37am TV Theme   Bionic Man
9:37am Bionic Woman
9:38am Time Tunnel
9:44am The Hidden   Main Theme
9:44am Attention Deficit Rock   DoD Those Were The Days
9:50am Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys   Maybe She'll Write, Maybe She'll Phone
9:56am Marco Beltrami   Dracula 2000
9:59am john Debney   Hocus Pocus - Witches Flight
10:01am Bob and Ray   Jack Headstrong
10:08am James Newton Howard   Signs
10:11am Michael Giachinno   Doctor Strange - End Credits
10:16am Ventures, the   Walk Don't Run Greatest Hits Vibraphone Records
10:18am TV Theme   Mystery Science Theatre 3000
10:20am Creature Features   John Stanley's Original Creature Feature Theme
10:20am TV Theme   Emergency!
10:33am Cool Secret Place   Winchester Mystery House
10:33am Hans Zimmer   Batman Begins - Vespertilio
11:01am TV Mystery Theme   Twilight Zone
11:01am Bernard Herrmann   Music from the Twilight Zone
11:02am James Horner   The Rocketeer
11:07am Mimas Pleenas   In a Greek Harem
11:09am Kurt Kuenne   Drive In Memories
11:16am April Stevens   Teach Me Tiger
11:18am Monkees   For Pete's Sake
11:21am Hoyt Curtin   Jonny Quest - Bannon's Theme
11:23am Lon Chaney   Spider Baby
11:25am Drawn Out Drama   Dod May13
11:27am Scott Bradee   Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue
11:33am Bernard Herrmann   North by Northwest
11:36am TV Theme   Fractured Fairy Tales
11:36am Jerry Goldsmith   Congo - Bail Out
11:39am Betty Boop   Let's Go Crazy
11:45am Whispering Jack Smith   All By Yourself in the Moonlight
11:48am Robin Hood Men in Tights   Men in Tights
11:49am Cartoon   Smile Darn Ya Smile
11:57am The Flash
11:57am Flying Nun
11:57am Sammy Davis   Hell Town
11:59am I Dream of Jeannie
11:59am PBS News Hour