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Teachers AIDS

Saturday 21 October 2017 3:00pm to 5:59pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:06pm Farmer Boys, The   Oh How It Hurts S/T Country Music History
3:06pm Vektor   LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease) Terminal Redux Earache Records
3:18pm Dreyblatt, Arnold and The Orchestra of Excited Strings   Bowing Propellers In Love Superior Viaduct
3:18pm Colour Buk   Before The Law Cosmic Nightmare Wir Wollen Wulle
3:19pm Kruel Kommando   The Fog that Bleed to Deathe Synagoga Sataae Final Agony Records
3:23pm Circa Tapes   Burning Tower Love and Venom Medical Records
3:29pm Nav   Eternity of Death Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
3:34pm Order of Darkness   Moon I/Forest of Nihilistic Holocaust Demo 2016
3:35pm Antaeus   Nihil Khaos Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan Osmosis Records
3:41pm Heinali & Finney, Matt   Relationship Goals How We Lived Flenser
3:43pm Khthoniik Cerviiks   Ketoniik Katechesiis Howls of Ebb/ Khthoniik Ceviiks Iron Bonehead Productions
3:45pm Unclean   Unnusta Olevasi Syntinen Syntiinlankeemus Filth and Violence
3:50pm Khthoniik Cerviiks   Spiiral Spiire Stiigmata Howls of Ebb/ Khthoniik Ceviiks Iron Bonehead Productions
4:04pm Oven   What Consumes You Legion Blotan
4:08pm Necromantia   Death Rider (Omen cover) IV: mAlicE Ledo Takas / Black Lotus
4:11pm Necromancy   From The Gloomy Soil Ananta Aradhana Psychedelic Lotus Order
4:16pm Os   Adorabo Putrefactionem Meum Demo MMXVII Funeral Chants Productions
4:19pm Harvest Gulgaltha   Unholy Cipher Altars of Devotion Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:26pm Wolf Eyes   Rattlesnake Shake Burned Mind Sub Pop Records
4:36pm Primitive Man   Inevitable Caustic Relapse
4:45pm Manek, Tarquin + Martina Quake   Instrumental Dub Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts Blackest Ever Black
4:53pm Grey Economie   Exponent Cycle Nothing Fun Jouissance Du Rien
4:54pm Hexenslaught   Hellmouth Demo 2016
4:58pm Hexenslaught   Altar of Death Demo 2016
5:04pm Ilaiyaraaja, Isaignani   Don't Compare Ilectro! Finders Keepers Records
5:07pm Rites Of Thy Degringolade   Asylums An Ode To Sin Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:14pm Pestilential Shadows   Life Turned to Dust Cursed Goatawarex
5:24pm DBH   Untitled Masterpieces of Objective Reporting Faux-Pas Recordings
5:25pm Morthound   Syzygy Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World Beautiful, The Cold Meat Industry
5:30pm McDowall, Drew   Unnatural Channel (Part 2) Unnatural Channel Dais
5:39pm DHG   God Protocol Axiom A Umbra Omega Peaceville
5:51pm Harrison, John   Lover's Vow Suite Tales From The Darkside: The Movie Waxwork
5:55pm Wolfskin   a Nascente De Pureza Campos De Matanca essence music