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Mitch LeMay

Sunday 22 October 2017 6:03am to 8:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Brand, Ulrike / Rupp, Olaf   Quellmoor Shadowscores Creative Sources Recording
Schimscheimer Family Trio   Bears Broken Home BAG Production Records
Winslow, Conrad   Devices Perfect Nothing Catalog, The Innova Recordings
Walters, Tim   The Answer In The Flame Difficult Third Wish, The Vauxflores Industrial
Nordheim, Arne   Searching Dodeka ECM Records
McDowall, Drew   This Is What It's Like Unnatural Channel Dais
Morgen Wurde   Erfullten Sirenen Brach Auf Time Released Sound
Tapes and Topographies   Answered In an Echo Signal to Noise Simulacra Records
Mezzacappa, Lisa   Fillmore Street AvantNOIR Clean Feed
Nerftoss   Plaza Entrance Maiden Powers Ehse Records
Kucharz, Larry   Piano Etude 44-1 Piano Etudes: Imitations & Tracks International Audiochrome
Hollow Ran   Click Clack Thanks Your Welcome Pacific Nature
Darto   Guiding Light Human Giving Aaagoo Records
Ascoltare   Between Two Logs Station Ai Records
Pye Corner Audio   Do You Hear Them Spiral, The Death Waltz Recording Co
Schwarzmodul   Jader Burn Schwarzmodul Track Number Records
Carolyn Oates   Trash and Treasure In The Moment
Benni   Night Theme Reprise I & II Goner Records
Double Naught Spy Car   Rhymes of Chimney Moof 11 Foot Pole
Gabriel, Peter   Down To Earth WALL-E (Original Soundtrack)
Peymont   Calcolatore Elettronico Cibernetica Intervallo
Love Spirals Downwards   el Pedregal Beneath the Icy Floe Projekt Records
Statik Sound System   Free to Choose Cup of Tea/Iron America
Remington Super 60 + Valvola   You Wanna Hear My New Song Harpsichord 2000 S.H.A.D.O.
Delphine   Swear That I Swear The Amos House Collection Vol. 1 Wishing Tree Records
Montgolfier Brothers, The   Be Selfish The World is Flat Poptones
Davis, John   Untitled At Home and Afield Root Strata