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Robert Emmett

Saturday 4 November 2017 8:52am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Danny Elfman   Spiderman
9:06am Psychotronix   7up is All Action
9:07am Elvis   Viva Las Vegas
9:09am TV Theme   Fringe
9:12am Psychotronix   Dog Song
9:15am Art Kassell   Hell's Bells
9:18am TV Theme   My Favorite Martian
9:22am Susan Hayward   Sing You Sinners
9:25am Psychotronix   Cluck Cluck Corn Flakes
9:26am Diablo Sandwich Band   Major Mars
9:28am High School Hellcats   Opening
9:29am Henry Mancini   Experiment in Terror
9:31am TV Theme   Orphan Black
9:33am Portrait of Jenny   Opening
9:35am George Fenton   84 Charing Cross Road - Dear Speed
9:37am George Duning   Devil at 4 o'clock - Theme fro Camille
9:37am Randy Newman   Ragtime - One More Hour
9:42am Miklos Rozsa   Lust for Life - Reunion
9:48am Bert Shefter   Tall Texan
9:49am Trailer   3 Strangers
9:51am Tony Bennett   Civil Defense
9:51am Leigh Harline   7 Faces of Dr Lao
9:58am Psychotronix   Soundie - What this Country Needs
9:59am Alan Silvestri   Back to the Future
10:02am Bob and Ray   Steel Ingots and Squad Car 119
10:06am Psychotronix   Frank & Nancy Downtown
10:09am TV Theme   True Blood
10:11am Psychotronix   Intermission Time
10:14am Jerry Goldsmith   Great Train Robbery
10:17am Psychotronix   Diver Dan
10:17am Behave Yourself   Main Theme
10:22am Psychotronix   My Prayer
10:22am Psychotronix   Suspense
10:52am Cool Secret Place   Drawbridge
10:52am Victor Reyes   Buried
10:52am TV Mystery Theme   Fantasy Island
10:52am Jerry Goldsmith   Poltergeist - It Knows what scares you
11:01am Riz Ortolani   Ecco - Rites of Sex
11:05am Henry Mancini   Touch of Evil
11:07am Philip Green   All Night Long - Skin Fever
11:15am Bea Arthur Rock Hudson   Everybody's Turning On
11:15am James Mason   The unusual taste of Thunderbird
11:16am Toto   Dune
11:19am Hans J Salter Frank Skinner   Wolfman
11:25am Mitch Miller   Sing Along with Mitch
11:28am Joe McDoakes   Theme
11:28am Rocketeer   When Your Lover Has Gone
11:32am Cole Porter   Anything Goes - All Through the Night
11:35am Party Animal   Aquarius
11:38am TV Theme   It Takes a Thief
11:38am Travis Trip   Step Outside PSA
11:46am TV Mashups   Star Trek vs The Simpson
11:47am Atomic Bomb Movie   Fat Man and Little Boy
11:47am Philip Glass   Fantastic Four
11:57am Sons of Hercules   Main Theme
11:57am Invaders from Mar   Main Theme
11:57am TV Theme   Penny Dreadful