Robert Emmett

Saturday 11 November 2017 8:55am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:04am Randy Edelman   Gettysburg
9:07am Commercial   Hootnanny Cover Girl
9:07am Ralph Carmichael   The Blob - Opening
9:09am Psychotronix   Barbie's Pool Party
9:09am TV Theme   The 100
9:10am TV Theme   Agents from SHIELD
9:18am Snow White   Whistle While You Work
9:18am Psychotronix   Oscar Meyer Weiners
9:19am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Hocus Pocus
9:19am Edmund Butt   Survivor
9:24am Psychotronix   Robot Monster
9:25am Javier Navarrete   Mirrors
9:28am Psychotronix   The Crawling EYE!
9:29am Danny Elfman   Spiderman - End Credits
9:32am Seka Kojadinovic   Someone to Love in Serbian
9:33am TV Theme   The Americans
9:33am Computer Game Music   Mario Brothers (Acapello)
9:36am Gorrila Seven   Main theme
9:37am Drawn Out Drama   DoD Oct29
9:39am Charles Gross   Punchline - First Night
9:45am Stanley Wilson   Radar Men from the Moon
9:47am TV Theme   Trio of recent Dr Who openings
9:50am Psychotronix   Folgers Instant Coffee
9:51am Satelllite Singers   My Favorite Martian
9:55am George Greeley   My Favorite Martian TV Theme
9:56am Drawn Out Drama   DoD July 2
9:58am TV Theme in the style of Eric Satie   Flintstones
10:00am Bob and Ray   Dr Enoch Van Flemm Negative Thinker
10:02am TV Theme   Gossip Girl
10:03am Psychotronix   White Rain
10:04am Virginia Mayo   She's Working Her Way Through College
10:08am Randy Newman   Ragtime - Clef Club #1
10:08am Henry Mancini   The Great Race - Entracte Learning Tree
10:16am Paul Whiteman   When Day is Done
10:21am Milton Delugg   Creature from Under the Sea
10:31am Cool Secret Place   Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro
10:31am Elmer Bernstein   Ghostbusters
10:45am TV Mystery Theme   30 Rock
10:45am Frederick Hollander   5000 Fingers of Dr T
11:02am TV Theme   Scream Queens
11:04am TV Theme   Boardwalk Empire
11:05am Psychotronix   Horror of Party Beach
11:07am Trevor Rabin   Deep Blue Sea
11:17am Piero Umiliani   Big Deal on Madonna Street
11:24am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR I Will Follow
11:30am John Schnall   If Only They'd Leave Me Alone
11:34am TV Theme   German Techno Star Trek mix
11:36am Bob and Ray   GM Service List
11:37am Trailer   Night Walker
11:39am TV Theme   Maverick
11:43am Joi Lansing   The Silencer
11:46am Jerry Goldsmith   Chinatown
11:48am Lucille Ball   Jitterbug Bite
11:53am Richard Rodney Bennett   Murder on the Orient Express
11:56am Industrial Musicals   Girl Making it Big in a Man's World
11:58am TV Theme   Family Feud
11:58am TV Theme   Big Bang