Robert Emmett

Saturday 18 November 2017 8:59am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:06am Jerry Goldsmith   Total Recall
9:06am Psychotronix   Jolly Green Giant
9:07am Andrew Lockington   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
9:12am Psychotronix   Raisin Bran
9:12am Psychotronix   Bimbo: You Wanna Be a Member
9:16am Randy Newman   Ragtime - Newsreel
9:17am Roy Webb   Crossfire The Curse of the Cat People
9:19am Von Dexter   The Tingler
9:25am John Williams   Checkmate
9:29am Psychotronix   It's time for TANG!
9:29am Ramin Djawadi   Person of Interest - Analogue Interface
9:30am Psychotronix   Shindig - Dave Clark 5
9:32am Drawn Out Drama   Dod November 2017
9:34am Dimitri Tiomkin   36 Hours
9:37am Psychotronix   Chinese Professional
9:38am Bill Conti   Karate Kid
9:44am Cliff Edwards   Singing in the Rain
9:45am Reinhold Heil   Helix - Balleseros Briefings
9:47am Gene Autry   Back in the Saddle
9:51am Psychotronix   Nancy Sinatra - RC Cola
9:52am Kenyon Hopkins   East Side West Side
9:55am Elmer Bernstein   Yankee Clipper Sails Across Europe
9:56am Psychotronix   Banks are Safe
9:58am Tom Holkenborg   Mad Max Fury Road: Spiky Cars
10:02am Bob and Ray   Disclaimer
10:08am Janet Klein & Parlor Boys   Nuages
10:13am Psychotronix   Dragstrip Girl
10:13am TV Theme   Agents from SHIELD
10:16am Jerry Goldsmith   Lionheart -The Ceremony
10:19am Drawn Out Drama   The Andy Summer Mix
10:21am Petula Clark   Downtown
10:50am Cool Secret Place   Second Harvest Food Bank
10:50am Matthew Margeson   Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse
10:50am TV Mystery Theme   Seinfeld
10:50am Bernard Herrmann   Journey the to Center of the Earth
11:00am Psychotronix   Row, Row, Row
11:03am Sons of Hercules   Main Theme
11:05am Paul Anka   Smells Like Teen Spirit
11:09am SCTV   Stairways to Heaven
11:16am Georges Garvarentz   Panic Button
11:16am Elmer Bernstein   Walk on the Wild Side
11:19am Commercial   RCA Portable Radio
11:20am TV Theme   Time Tunnel
11:22am Nathan Barr   True Blood - House Party
11:25am Psychotronix   Count Chocula
11:25am Commercial   Studebaker car
11:26am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Tusk
11:27am Robert Mitchum   Ballad of Thunder Road
11:30am Psychotronix   Hippy Happy Charmin tissue
11:32am Frank Dean and Bing   Robin & the 7 Hoods - Style
11:37am TV Theme   Barbary Coast
11:40am Marilyn Monroe   Let's Make Love
11:48am Danny Elfman   To Die For
11:50am Mr Blackwell   That's Camp
11:55am TV Theme   Astro boy
11:56am psychtronix   Red Ball Jets
11:56am TV Theme   Suspense
11:57am TV Theme   Supercar
11:58am Green Day   Simpsons Theme