Robert Emmett

Saturday 25 November 2017 8:57am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:00am Partridge Family, the   I Think I Love You Album Bell Records (Columbia)
9:07am Chris Young   Dream Lover - Forget Me Not
9:08am Psychotronix   Play Safe
9:13am Johnny Mandel   Escape to Witch Mountain
9:15am Psychotronix   Buckle Up for Safety
9:16am TV Theme   Who's Watching the Kids
9:17am Psychotronix   Stronger Than Dirt
9:18am Psychotronix   Wildroot Jingle
9:18am Trailer   Blood Beach
9:20am TV Theme   Flying High
9:23am John Williams   Family Plot - First Seance
9:29am Drawn Out Drama   DoD Psychotronix
9:33am Basil Poledouris   Red Dawn
9:36am Angelo Badelimenti   Twin Peaks Special Event - Dark Space Low
9:38am Psychotronix   Mulberry Street
9:39am Lupino Lane & Lillian Roth   Let's Be Common
9:44am Attack of the Mushroom People   Main Theme
9:46am John Williams   The Mission - NBC nightly news theme
9:50am Dean Martin   Bells are Ringing - I've Met a Girl
9:54am Sam Cooke   Houseboat - Almost in Your Arms
9:56am Henry Mancini   Days of Wine and Roses
9:59am David Shire   Return to Oz - Jack Pumpkinhead
10:01am Bob and Ray   You Expect Us to Believe That?
10:06am Danny Elfman   The Girl on the Train
10:06am Danny Elfman   The Frighteners - Doom
10:12am Gaylord Carter   The Big Chase
10:14am Commercial   Ruda's Polish Record Store Buffalo
10:15am The Polka Band   Cantina Band song
10:17am Psychotronix   The Lurch
10:19am John Barry   The Black Hole
10:27am Cool Secret Place   Book Go Round in Saratoga
10:28am Leonard Bernstein   On the Waterfront
10:53am TV Mystery Theme   Partridge Family
10:54am John Williams   Hook
11:07am George Greeley   My Favorite Martian
11:07am Paul Misraki   Birgid Bardot - Strip Tease
11:10am Orchestra Wives   You Say the Sweetest Things
11:15am Beau Hunks   Fliver Flops - In my Canoe -
11:17am Johnny Cash   The Rebel TV Theme
11:18am Jerome Moross   Big Country
11:21am Hershel Burke Gilbert   The Rifleman
11:28am Psychotronix   Charlie Tuna
11:28am Psychotronix   Alphabits
11:28am Psychotronix   Montgomery Wards
11:28am Psychotronix   Lost in ...
11:29am Jerry Goldsmith   Gremlins
11:34am John Barry   James Bond Theme
11:35am Psychotronix   Jim Venture for Kix
11:38am Barry Adamson   The Big Bamboozle
11:43am Psychotronix   Jungle Hell
11:44am Remix   The Prisoner
11:48am Attn Deficit Rock   ADR Oh Yeah
11:48am Sarah Vaughan   Who Listens to Radio
11:49am Psychotronix   Gumby opening
11:51am Psychotronix   Brylcream dab will do you
11:51am TV Theme   Ashalt Jungle
11:52am TV Theme   Tightrope
11:59am TV Theme   Mad Men