Robert Emmett

Saturday 2 December 2017 8:55am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Psychotronix   Lost Continent Trailer
9:04am James Horner   Cocoon - Through the Window
9:09am Psychotronix   The Swinger
9:09am Bernard Herrmann   Sisters
9:10am Psychotronix   Gomer Pyle for Toasties
9:11am Beau Hunks   On With the Show - Little Rascals Music
9:16am Ethel Ennis   Mad Monster Party
9:18am Psychotronix   Peter Lorre for Wristwatches
9:19am Psychotronix   Wildroot
9:20am Plan 9 from Outer Space   Main Title
9:25am Jane Russell   Looking for Trouble
9:30am Psychotronix   You Like People, People Like You
9:30am Count Basie   007
9:32am Psychotronix   Soaky Toys -- More Fun than Getting Dirty
9:33am Dean Martin Carmen Miranda   Enchiladas
9:36am Albert Glasser   Earth versus the Spider
9:40am Henry Jackman   Kingsman The Golden Circle
9:47am Psychotronix   Prince of Space
9:49am Zero Mostel   Funny Thing Happening .. Comedy Tonight
9:55am Jerry Goldsmith   Hollow Man
9:57am Psychotronix   Earth Dies Screaming
10:01am Martha Miyake   The H-Man - The Magic Begins
10:02am Bob and Ray   Reuniting a brother and sister
10:05am Blues in the Night   Hang on to Your Lids
10:08am Bear McCreary   The Cape
10:08am Psychotronix   Al Hirt for Miller
10:09am Scopitone   Harlem Shuffle
10:17am Acapello   Psycho theme
10:17am TV Theme   Munsters
10:19am Vic Mizzy   Night Walker - High Powered Howard
10:26am Cool Secret Place   Psycho Donuts
10:26am Chris Bacon   Bates Motel - Everythings going to be okay
10:29am Bernard Herrmann   Psycho - The City
10:51am KFJC TV Mystery Theme   The Andy Griffith Show
10:51am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
11:03am Virginia O'Brien   Stinkin at the Club Savoy
11:04am Dellwoods, the   It's a Gas Mad Grooves Rhino Records
11:08am Trailer   Curse of the Crimson Altar
11:10am Speed Racer   Fellini Mach5 Speed goes around the Track
11:19am Night of the Living Dead   Track 1
11:19am Trailer   The Evil Eye
11:20am Joi Lansing   Web of Love
11:25am Cinema Insomina   Watching TV
11:28am Psychotronix   High School Hellcats
11:29am Frank Sinatra   The World We Knew
11:32am Drawn Out Drama   Dod #61
11:34am Marc Shaiman   Addams Family - Family Plotz
11:39am Powell   Love is on the Air
11:44am Frank Gorshin   The Riddler Song
11:46am Psychotronix   Trailer - Twilight People
11:50am Christopher Young   The Core
11:54am Trailer   Black Sabbath
11:55am Jane Powell   Kiss me or I'll Scream
11:56am Hatchet for a Honeymoon   Movie Trailer