Monday 4 December 2017 5:59pm to 7:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01pm Freak Week   ThoughtLine
6:01pm One Step Beyond
6:01pm Of All the Rotten Shows
6:02pm Essex   Easier Said than Done
6:05pm BBC Radiophonic Workshop   Colour Radio
6:10pm Beatles Mashup
6:10pm Firesign Theatre   US Plus
6:11pm Dusty Springfield   Corrupt Ones
6:14pm Ken Nordine   How are things in Your Town
6:14pm Seka Kojadinovic   Serbian - Someone to Love
6:17pm Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Shock the Monkey
6:19pm World's Most Interesting Man   Stay Thirsty My Friend
6:19pm Nick Lowe   1/2way to Paradise
6:21pm Trailer   Aroused
6:24pm Joe Meek   Remember Buddy
6:27pm Staple Singers   For What Its Worth
6:30pm Nada Knezevic   Reach Out I'll Be there
6:33pm Louis Jordan   Working Man
6:35pm Cantus   Simple Gifts
6:37pm Portrait of Jennie   Openning
6:40pm Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald   Tenderly
6:43pm Oscar Hammerstein   This I Believe
6:46pm Village Stompers   Midnight in Moscow
6:49pm Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Warm Moving Bodies
6:50pm Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Big Electric Cat
6:51pm National Lampoon Radio Hour   King Creosote
6:57pm Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Sweet Jane
6:59pm Attention Deficit Rock   ADR New Day Yesterday