Thursday 18 January 2018 9:57pm to 1:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
LIve Mic w/ Skull Crusher Trio  
10:00pm Thunder of Silence Ensemble   Tree of Life Tree of Life Self Produced
10:11pm Magam   The Sky Was Like Sky One Thirsty Leaves Music
10:15pm Tri Cornered Tent Show   Free Fall Into Fear Foolkiller, the Edgetone Records
10:22pm Tri-cornered Tent Show   3rd Eye Must Die Alien Trailways Edgetone Records
10:27pm Evangelista, Karl/ Grex   Resolution a Love Supreme Brux Records
10:32pm Tri-Cornered Tent Show   The Elder Pharos Legion of Dagon Edgetone Records
10:39pm Mikael   Corner Dub Nuthin' a Come ZamZam Sounds
10:43pm Carson, Brett   Song of Urdogravikazhts Mysterious Descent Self Produced
10:46pm Tri-cornered Tent Show   Broken Toys and Black Orchids Mudwagon Vol. 1 Edgetone Records
10:50pm Tri-Cornered Tent Show   The Plains of Leng Beneath the Mountains.. Edgetone Records
11:08pm Tri-Cornered Tent Show   After the War Welcome to Psychoville Population: 4 Edgetone Records
11:14pm Tri-Cornered Tent Show   Foolkiller 10th Annual Outsound New Music Summit Sampler Edgetone Records
11:24pm Skull Crusher Trio   LIve in The Pit
12:16am Tamez, Milo   Cadencias VIII - IX Oxyoquet El Volcan Silencioso Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary
12:25am Tri-Cornered Tent Show   Refraction of Reduction 2002 New Sonic Summit Edgetone Records
12:29am Tri-Cornered Tent Show   Invocation of Correlation Maze Above the Abyss... Edgetone Records
12:35am Skull Crusher Trio Interview  
D'Artagnan's One Hour  
12:56am Aphex Twin   Cilonen Chosen Lords Rephlex
1:01am Autechre   Nil Amber TVT Records
1:10am Wright, Charles & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band   Puckey Puckey Puckey Puckey: Jams & Outtakes 1970-1971 Rhino Entertainment Co.
1:13am Morricone, Ennio   Mucchio Selvaggio Il Mio Nome E Nessuno AMS
1:16am Holdswort, Allan with I.O.U.   Devil Take the Hindmost Metal Fatigue Enigma Records
1:23am Alien Sex Fiend   Nightmare Zone Too Much Acid? Plague
1:26am Southern Plains Indians   Contest Song For Fancy Dancers Powwow Songs - Music of the Plains Indians Musical Heritage Society
1:27am Soft Shoulder   Repeat #4 Aka Warbled Practice Repeat #4 Gilgongo Records
1:45am Akimbo   Wizard Van Wizard Navigating The Bronze Alternative Tentacles
1:48am Melvins   Honey Bucket Houdini Atlantic
1:51am Uakti   Promessas Do Sol Uakti Verve/Polygram
1:57am Caustic Window   Astroblaster Compilation Rephlex