Robert Emmett

Saturday 20 January 2018 8:55am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Frank Sinatra   Oh What a Beautiful Day
9:08am Herbert Stothart Arlen/Harburg   Wizard of Oz - Munchkinland
9:16am Jerry Goldsmith   Rio Conchos
9:19am Trailer   Jailhouse Rock
9:21am TV Theme   Doctor Who
9:24am Snow White & 7 Dwarfs   Heigh Ho
9:26am Hans Zimmer   Bladerunner 2049
9:31am Trailer   Mutiny in Outer Space
9:31am Roy Webb   Crossfire
9:34am Drawn Out Drama   DoD 1117
9:34am Richard Band   Trancers - Main Theme
9:41am Cartoon   Any Little Girl Whose A Nice Little Girl
9:42am Pete Rugolo   The Fugitive
9:47am Barry Gray   Stingray - I've Got Something to Shout About
9:48am Bear McCreary   Agents of SHIELD
9:49am TV Theme   Speed Racer
9:55am Luis Bacalov   La Citta Delle Donne
9:59am Conrad Pope   My Week With Marilyn - Colin and Marilyn
10:00am Bob and Ray   Club of the Month Club
10:06am Elmer Bernstein   Lost in Yonkers
10:07am Top Banana   Slogan Song
10:09am Nancy Sinatra   RC Cola
10:09am Lynn Roberts   Jack in the Box
10:10am TV Theme   Where the Action Is
10:13am Lalo Schiffrin   Once a Thief
10:16am Trailer   Milpitas Monster
10:17am Andrew Lockington   Journey 2 - Vernians Believe
10:28am Alan Silvestri   Night at the Museum - Teddy in Two
10:28am Cool Secret Place   Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture San Francisco
10:29am Elmer Bernstein   Sons of Katie Elder
10:40am TV Mystery Theme   Dawson's Creek
10:40am James Newton Howard   Maleficent
10:56am Bernard Herrmann   Jason and the Argonauts
10:58am Trailer   Head without a Body
10:59am John Powell   Bourne Identity - Treadstone Assasins
11:01am Danny Elfman   Justice League - Bruce and Diana
11:03am Patrick Doyle   Dead Again - Headlines
11:06am Trailer   Navy versus the Night Monsters
11:07am James Horner   Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
11:13am Wild Wild West TV Boxset   Nick o' Time
11:13am Thomas Newman   Saving Mr Banks - Magic Kingdom
11:15am Tom Jones   Thunderball
11:19am Hoyt Curtin   Jonny Quest - Mystery of the Lizard Men
11:20am Rachel Sweet   Hairspray
11:26am Topsy Turvy   3 Little Maids are We
11:26am Barbara Whiting   I Like Men
11:28am Jean Harlow   Reckless
11:30am Piero Umiliani   The Mafia versus Goldfinger
11:35am Mimas Pleenas   Alice's Theme
11:35am Mimas Pleenas   We Always Keep Children
11:39am Meatmen   Mission Impossible
11:40am John Williams   Land of the Giants
11:43am Trailer   Space Children
11:43am Mel Torme   Monsters Led Such Interesting Lives
11:46am Hans J Salter   Mummy's Tomb
11:46am Brian Tyler   The Mummy - Sands of Wrath
11:48am Psychotronix   Rice a Roni
11:49am Mr Blackwell   Whatever Happened to Women
11:54am Gwen Vernon   Whatever Lola Wants
11:58am ELO   Xanadu