Muad dib

Friday 26 January 2018 5:59am to 9:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:07am Straight Panic   Part 1 Homo Will Not Inherit Fusty Cunt
6:07am Bonemagic   Sinew City Sinew City Phage Tapes
6:16am Prurient   Roman Shower Black Vase Load Records
6:44am Stirner   Stunts With Cunts Two Ways of Pain Part 43 Shit Noise Records
7:22am Family Planning   Faith Two Sisters Fuck Mtn. Label Records
7:47am Bad Jazz   Riser Endtable Transmissions Tymbal Tapes
8:01am Spore Spawn   Itsunokotodaka Ochisuitara Oxen
8:17am Uneasy Chairs   White Feelings Uneasychairs/Noisepoetnobody Self Released
8:27am Pulsating Cyst   Broadcast Horrible Signal Obfuscated Records
8:36am Unsustainable Social Condition   Caballeros, Glasnevin Head Count Your Strife Means Nothing to Me New Forces
8:41am Stress Orphan   There Are Many Knives Mass Casualty Event Phage Tapes
8:52am Knifecream   Intro Victim Hanged Man
9:34am Deflowered Cunt   Untitled Cunt-Fest Fermented Bile Vomit