Robert Emmett

Saturday 27 January 2018 8:57am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:04am Lu Ann Simms   Cat N Mouse
9:06am George Fenton   Groundhogs Day - Clouds
9:07am Willy Wonka   Main Theme
9:11am Brent Spiner   It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
9:14am Gisela May   Seven Deadly Sin - Pride
9:18am James Newton Howard   Peter Pan - I Do believe in Fairies
9:25am James Newton Howard   Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them
9:26am Lynne Roberts   Liberal Education
9:28am Lalo Schiffrin   Mission Impossible - The Plot
9:30am Frank Sinatra & Dagmar   Mama will Bark
9:33am Goldsmith, Jerry   The Construction Explorers MCA Records, Inc.
9:37am John Barry   Thunderball - Search for the Vulcan
9:38am Morris, John (soundtrack)   The Elephant Man Theme Elephant Man, the MCA Records
9:45am Henry Mancini   Lifeforce
9:48am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Wouldn't It Be Nice
9:49am Elmer Bernstein   The Carpetbaggers
9:53am Marx Brothers   Hooray for Captain Spaulding
9:59am Ken Berry   TV Theme WOW
10:01am Bob and Ray   South Quoddy Airlines
10:07am John Williams   Empire of the Sun - Cadillac in the Sky
10:10am Miklos Rozsa   Green Berets - Dodge City
10:13am John Barry   The Black Hole
10:16am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR I Cant Go For That No Can Do
10:16am Wilton Street Disco Band   I Love Lucy
10:18am Bernard Herrmann   On Dangerous Ground - Death Hunt
10:22am TV theme   Doctor Blake Mysteries
10:32am Cool Secret Place   Heinold's First & Last Saloon
10:32am Bruce Broughton   This Girl for Hire
10:47am TV Mystery Theme   Sing Along with Mitch
10:47am Lalo Schiffrin   Rhino!
10:59am Elmer Bernstein   Three Amigos
11:00am Ambrose   After You Who?
11:03am Jack Cassidy   FEAR!
11:06am Drawn Out Drama   DoD #18
11:07am TV theme   Penny Dreadful
11:11am Psychotronix   Thunderbird disco
11:11am TV Theme   T H E Cat
11:11am TV Theme   Meet the Press
11:14am Vera Lynn   We'll Meet Again
11:22am Danny Elfman   Batman - Final Confrontation
11:22am Ed Ames   Where are you going?
11:23am Jerome Moross   Wagon Train
11:26am A Dream is a wish your heart makes
11:29am Beyond the Valley of the Dolls   Come with the Gentle People
11:31am Randy Newman   Avalon - Jules & Michael
11:34am Leonard Bernstein   On the Waterfront
11:39am Japanese Anime   Memories
11:39am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Look What They've Done to My Song
11:41am Tom Jones   Rattle some ice
11:45am TV Theme   Tightrope
11:45am Shirley Bassey   Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
11:47am Nino Rota   8 1/2
11:51am Bill Conti   Wrongfully Accused
11:54am Comm   Hello World Levi's
11:54am TV Theme   Dr Who
11:57am Trailer   Flash Gordon
11:59am TV Theme   8th Man