Teachers AIDS

Saturday 27 January 2018 3:03pm to 6:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:05pm Phantom Pains   Disappear For A While Disappointment After Disappointment Beach House Records
3:11pm Atrax Morgue   To Play Homicidal Slaughterhouse
3:15pm Straight Panic   Part 1 Homo Will Not Inherit Fusty Cunt
3:23pm Unsustainable Social Condition   Caballeros, Glasnevin Head Count Your Strife Means Nothing to Me New Forces
3:31pm Dislecksick   Tracks Indistinguishable. Play Excerpt Or Whole Side Disleksick/ Shitnoise Bastards Trashfuck Records
3:37pm Masonna   untitled tracks Hyper Chaotic
3:59pm Voigt, Wolfgang   Fackeln Im Sturm Best of Mike Ink Is Dead 2, The Protest!
3:59pm Melek-Tha   Heretic Dogma Gloriam Demondi
4:02pm Brighter Death Now   My Cutter Very Little Fun
4:08pm Virulent Spectre   Intro You Will Succumb to the Hate You Possess and Your Failures W Black Gangrene
4:08pm Floridian Winter   Allterior Floridian Winter / Night Falls Haunting Primal Vomit Records
4:09pm Virulent Spectre   Guided By The Iniquitous Hand of The Devil You Will Succumb to the Hate You Possess and Your Failures W Black Gangrene
4:18pm Enecare   Perversion Marks Of The Masochist / Enecare ?
4:19pm Vanhelga   Forbarma Langtan
4:23pm Moonknight   an Initiation Valinor Old Skull Productions
4:27pm Altar De Fey   I See Demons Echoes in the Corridor Mass Media Records
4:32pm Lifelover   Totus Anctus Sjukdom
4:33pm Mondsaal   Absorption Eight Revelations
4:40pm Marks of the Masochist   Illumination Of Obliteration Marks Of The Masochist / Enecare ?
4:44pm Crooked Necks   From The Roots Faded Fluorescence Black Horizons
4:47pm Vlad Tepes   Raven's Hike Dans Notre Chute...
4:53pm Sykdom   Forgotten Tale Intet Liv Blackmetal.Com
4:59pm Perverted Ceremony   Graveyard Sacred Worship S/t Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:04pm Morricone, Ennio   Balletto Degli Specchi Il Mio Nome E Nessuno AMS
5:06pm Lords of Bukkake   Alucarda Desorden y Rencor
5:16pm Divanity   Leaden Leaden
5:28pm TX-Dub   Capacity Dub S/T Top Beat International
5:37pm Abysmal Growls Of Despair   Wake Up Between My Dead
5:42pm Paralysed Age   Patricia in Pain Christened Child
5:37pm Ryr   ??????, ?????? ?????? Ryr/ Transistorwald Ufa Muzak
5:49pm Stress Orphan   Breeder Reactor Mass Casualty Event Phage Tapes