Monotone Heroine

Wednesday 31 January 2018 2:03pm to 5:58pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03pm Bug, The   Poison Dart London Zoo Ninja Tune
2:09pm Four Tet   My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Icarus Remix) Remixes Domino Records
2:17pm TX-Dub   Hidden Dub S/T Top Beat International
2:24pm Obnox   Carmen, I Love You Niggative Approach 12XU
2:26pm Fehlmann, Thomas   Rainbow Over Stadtautobahn Visions of Blah Kompakt Schallplatten
2:31pm CTRL-Z   Etude #51 (Page) CTRL-Z Full Spectrum Records
2:43pm Onra   No Matter What Chinoiseries Pt. 2 All City
2:46pm Hacker, The   Complicated Dances Le Theatre Des Operations Dark Entries
2:49pm C-Schulz   Meister Fruhe Jahre Unseen Worlds
2:58pm Magam   The Numbers Being Outnumbered One Thirsty Leaves Music
3:06pm Sutekh Hexen   Pareidolian Sutekh Hexen/ Hissing Flenser
3:22pm Pleasure Gallows   Beer Positivity Pelican Pow Wow
3:29pm Ignivomous   Hedonistic Pai Ritual Death Transmutation Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:36pm Perverted Ceremony   Malformed Procreation S/t Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:49pm Grails   Take Refuge Take Refuge In Clean Living Important Records
3:52pm Necrot   Consume Control (Cassette Single) Blood Divine
3:58pm Hemotoxin   Minus Human Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
3:59pm Lawless   The Horror Nite of The Wolf Blood Divine
4:07pm Acephalix   The Hunger Deathless Master Southern Lord Recordings
4:11pm Scolex   Dweller of The Twilight Void Torn From Beyond PIAS
4:17pm Abyssal   The Tongue of The Demogogue Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius Profound Lore
4:27pm Lair of The Minotaur   Doomtrooper War Metal Battle Master
4:40pm Cryptopsy   Serial Messiah
4:40pm Sepultura   Sarcastic Existence Beneath the Remains Roadracer
4:46pm Cannibal Corpse   Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt Tomb of the Mutilated Hymen Records
4:50pm Death   Choke on It Leprosy Combat Records
5:02pm Grave Upheaval   Untitled 7 ? Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:05pm Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement   Out of The Mess Came The Green Devil Plant With Many Faces, The Hospital Productions
5:11pm Shiflet, Mike   4 A.m. With Chris and Dan Meaning Gameboy Records
5:17pm Profligate   Jet Black (King of The World) Somewhere Else Wharf Cat Records
5:29pm Sinistrous Diabolus   Sacrifice (Aghast) Ancient Meat Revived: Tribute to Cold Meat Industry Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:32pm Pelican   Ephemeral What We All Come to Need Southern Lord Recordings
5:38pm Orcutt, Bill   Cold Ground A New Way to Pay Old Debts Palilalia
5:42pm Fall, the   Your Heart Out Dragnet Step Forward Records
5:43pm Spore Spawn   Yameta Yameta Ochisuitara Oxen
5:53pm Mirt   Second Track Random Soundtrack Kosmodrone