Honey Bear

Wednesday 7 February 2018 10:01pm to 1:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Mobile Suit Gundam   Fly! Gundam
10:05pm Oresund Space Collective   The Man From Wales Different Creatures Space Rock Productions
10:26pm Wild Hunt   Eidetic Parallax Before The Plane of Angels Kemado Records
10:44pm Soggy   47 Chromosomes Soggy Outer Battery Records
10:47pm Worlockk   Xanax (Prod. Kid Yumi) Devil Himself, The Trashfuck Records
10:50pm War Bison   Self-titled S/t War Business Records
10:52pm Deathgrave   Nimrod Violation Wound/ Deathgrave Six Weeks
10:54pm Bug, The Vs Earth   City of Fallen Angels Concrete Desert Ninja Tune Recordings
11:01pm Mirt   Sri Maha Mariamman Random Soundtrack Kosmodrone
11:08pm Aquarian Blood   Savage Mind Savage Mind Goner Records
11:14pm Youngsta   Momentum Rinse 14 Rinse
11:19pm Brak   I Like Hubcaps Break Album, The Rhino Entertainment Co.
11:22pm Battles   SZ2 EP C/B EP Warp Records Ltd
11:38pm Spray Paint & Mackie, Ben   Dumpster Buddies Get Legless 12XU (Austin, TX)
11:42pm K2   Pollution With Huge Lies Rainy Tritium 1 Oxen
11:56pm Quasimoto   Fatbacks Further Adventures of Lord Quas, The Stones Throw
12:00am Flanders & Swann   Friendly Duet Complete Flanders & Swann, The EMI
12:04am Patsy Abbott   Ha-penis Borscht Belt, The Fuel Records
12:08am G-PEK   CHAPTER ONE G-pek/ Brycon/ Eons One/ Yelir Star Bakery Records
12:16am Goatpenis   Krieg Und Frieden Anesthetic Vapor Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:20am De Dionyso, Arrington/ Byrnes, Ted   A1 Ballot or the Bullet, The Astral Spirits
12:43am Hemotoxin   The Alchemist Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
12:47am Cauliflower Ass & Bob   Terrible Man Songs in the Key of Drunk... The Wretchedest Hits Menace to Sobriety Records
12:49am Funeral Shock   Sleaze Addict/Two Rules Funeral Shock Six Weeks
12:52am Stone Fox   Jarvina Jarvina Rockstar Records
12:55am Fanzui Xiangfa   Racist Scum 2006-2014 Discography Genjing Records
12:58am Electric Funeral   Raised On (Punk) Rock Total Funeral Southern Lord Recordings
12:59am Drag The River   Losers Losers/ Marooned Last Chance Records
1:03am Beenjo Beats   Bb8 Left Coast Conference Vol. 2 77Rise Recordings
1:06am Fuckmaker   Mean Old Dude Untitled Trashfuck Records
1:12am Walter Etc.   No One Hits Me Up Anymore Diners/ Walter Etc Lauren Records
1:14am Couple Skate   Bloated Maggot Magnet Haggus/ Couple Skate Trashfuck Records
1:15am Obnox   Hardcore Matinee Niggative Approach 12XU
1:18am Floridian Winter   Pick Up Your Feet Floridian Winter / Night Falls Haunting Primal Vomit Records
1:21am Leecher   Live In Tokyo Retfa Oxen
1:32am Perverted Ceremony   Malformed Procreation S/T Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:40am HMS   Quasit Tetrad Astral Spirits