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Robert Emmett

Saturday 24 February 2018 8:56am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Dario Ramos Maldonado   Amateur - Limpleza
9:02am Andrew Jackson   In Search of the Captain -Metro
9:06am One Day in April   Team Pursuit Cinequest 2015
9:06am Top Secret   Skeet Surfing
9:13am Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon   The Butcher Cinequest 2018
9:15am Spiderman Cartoon   Spiderman Cartoon
9:16am John Powell   Mr & Mrs Smith Minivan Chase
9:20am Howard Shore   Lord of the Rings - Concerning Hobbits
9:22am Bernard Herrmann   Williamsburg: Story of a Patriot
9:25am Miklos Rozsa   Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
9:30am Meet the Hitlers   Gene
9:30am Jessica Congdon   Director Empire on Main Street
9:57am Rupert Gregson Williams   Wonder Woman - Angel on the Wing
9:59am Trailer   Conan the Destroyer
10:01am Bob and Ray   Grand Motel
10:05am Jerry Goldsmith   First Blood - Home Coming
10:07am Commercial   Dial - You Like People
10:08am TV Theme   Petticoat Junction
10:10am TV Theme   Orphan Black
10:12am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain and World of Tomorrow
10:14am Alex Berglund   The Center - The World Out there is Crumbling Cinequest 2015
10:20am Max Gabriel   7 Splinters in Time Cinequest 2018
10:30am Cool Secret Place   Find Your Own - Metro's Best Of
10:30am Dimitris Fritzalas   Loveless Zorita Cinequest 2013
10:47am TV Mystery Theme   M-Squad
10:47am Jerry Goldsmith   Studs Lonigan
10:47am Roy Webb   I Walked with a Zombie
10:52am TV theme   Police Squad
10:57am Brian Tyler   Mummy
11:04am Kimy Martinez   Bill Rules
11:44am Lawrence Rosenthal   Logan's Run
11:44am John Williams   1941
11:55am Edmund Butt   Yellowstone
11:55am Hatchet for a Honeymoon   Main Theme
11:57am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Love will Tear Us Apart
11:58am TV Theme   Bigfoot and Wild Boy