Thursday 1 March 2018 7:06pm to 10:17pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:07pm Takashi, Ueno   Smoke Under the Water 1 Smoke Under the Water Room 40
7:10pm Vono   Tief Im Dschungel Dinner Fur 2 Bureau-B
7:16pm Machinedrum/Chambray   Tell U
7:21pm Clarian   Ankh Kompakt Total 17 Kompakt
7:30pm Micronaut   Old New
7:36pm Boratto, Gui   Eggplant Take My Breath Away Kompakt Schallplatten
7:41pm Armando   Ecstasy (Original Mix) Trax Classix Trax
7:54pm Oliver Schories   Ohm
8:02pm Villalobos, Ricardo   Fitzpatrick (Villalobos/Patrick Ense) Fabric 36 Ricardo Villalobos Fabric Records
8:15pm Actress   Fantasynth A Z D Ninja Tune
8:20pm Answer Code Request   Ab Intus
8:24pm Photek   Smoke Rings Modus Operandi Astralwerks
8:37pm Addison Groove   Phantom Tectonic Plates Vol 3 Tectonic (2)
8:37pm Roska   480 BC Tectonic Plates Vol 3 Tectonic (2)
8:40pm If Then Else   waiting (pause) Emanate Records
8:47pm Identity Theft   The Unreliable Narrator Reconnaissance Treue Um Treue
8:53pm Burial   Pre Dawn NonPlus
9:00pm Murcof   Razon Remembranza The Leaf Label Ltd.
9:07pm Caracoa   End of Kings End of Kings Inam Records
9:14pm Rich, Robert   Particles Biode, The Soundscape Productions
9:15pm Meat Beat Manifesto   fromage (bonus disc) Ruok? :Run Recordings
9:20pm Greater than One   Peace London
9:24pm Arecibo   M87 The Four Second Timing Discrepancy Trans Plutonian Transmissions Atmosphere
9:35pm Tatira   The Absentee Light Will Disappear, The Inam Records
9:37pm Tapes & Topographies   The Trouble with Dreams Fathoms Simulacra Records
9:43pm Enitokwa   Seele Feat. Yuuji Hiromoto 2069 Non-Entertainment Research
9:52pm Arnalds, Olafur   The Journey Broadchurch Soundtrack Mercury Records
9:58pm Lyken, Mark / Dove, Emma   Air from the Apotheker Mirror Lands Time Released Sound