Lord Gravestench

Tuesday 12 June 2018 2:09pm to 5:55pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:07pm Death in June   Death of the West Burial Drastic Plastic
2:10pm Soil Bleeds Black, the   Bite Irena,Wilde Feran Kingdom & It's Fey, the Cruel Moon Int'l.
2:17pm Ain Soph   God is at Home Finis Gloriae Mundi Old Europa Cafe
2:23pm Blac Kolor   Nucleus Forms of Hands 18 Hands
2:31pm Nexus Kenosis   Awaiting Salvation Elsewhen Progress Productions
2:31pm Insect Ark   Arp 9 Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Records
2:36pm Brainbombs   Inferno Inferno Skrammel Records
2:46pm Malditos   Momen Le Reve Svart Records
2:52pm Fire + Ice   Hamr Runa Fremdheit
2:57pm ConSono   Gear Wheeling Hymns of Deceased Deities Cold Meat Industry
3:00pm Onslaught   Lord of Evil Power From Hell Children of the Revolutin
3:08pm Imperator   Love is the Law (Love Under Will) The Time Before Time Pagan Records
3:14pm Cancer   Imminent Catastrophe To the Gory End Silent Scream Recordings
3:20pm Hemotoxin   The Alchemist Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
3:25pm Impaled   Dead Inside Mondo Medicale Necropolis
3:29pm Pandemonium   Hagia Sophia Devilri Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:35pm Defecation   Life On Planet Earth Is Fucken Cancerous Purity Dilution Nuclear Blast
3:36pm Defecation   Contagion Purity Dilution Nuclear Blast
3:43pm Forn   Alexithymia Departure of Consciousness, The Midnight Werewolf Records
3:48pm Primitive Man   Commerce Caustic Relapse Records
3:59pm Pissgrave   Impaled Vibration Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Records
4:03pm Antichrist   Bestial Sacrifice Sacrament of Blood Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:06pm Blodfest   Crimson Spirit Krakes Blod Night Birds
4:12pm Perverted Ceremony   Necrolactation Unborn Goat Sabbat of Behezael Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:18pm Injekting Khaos   Corrupted Injekting Khaos Blast Beat Mailmurder/Productions
4:24pm Khthoniik Cerviiks   Come to The Subeth Howls of Ebb/ Khthoniik Ceviiks Iron Bonehead Productions
4:33pm Zyklon-B   Warfare Mental Orgasm...Remixes Vinyl Collections
4:39pm Wolfenhords   Compassion to None Der Nacht (Malsaint / Wolfenhords) Barbatos Productions
4:45pm Yellow Eyes   shrillness in the heated grass Immersion Trench Reverie Gilead Media
4:55pm Valar   Last Shore Falling To Whatever End / Enslaved in Evil Darkness (Uruk-Hai/Valar) A.M.F. Productions
5:02pm Chthonic Force   Yhwh Agathodaemon Hau Ruck!
5:07pm Clinic of Torture   Track 4 Slavesex Institute of Paraphilia Studies
5:11pm Breaking The Will   Counterinsurgency Doctrine Summer Scum Harsh Noise New Forces
5:14pm Goat   2002 v.2 Deluxe Incinerator Crippled Intellect Productions
5:34pm Garbage Mask   Capricorn 1 Bullshit Market/Skinovchrist/Ragk/Garbage Mask Trashfuck Records
5:41pm Crooked Columns   Apparatus of Capture Chemical Mysticism Black Horizons
5:44pm Manson, Charles   Reflections Hallways of The Always, The New Era Productions
5:47pm Archon Satani   Female Muslim Genital Disposal Virgin Birth... (Born Again) Functional Organisation
5:53pm Duncan, John   Broken Promise (Excerpt) Organic Etats Unis