Robert Emmett

Saturday 30 June 2018 8:58am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am La La Land   Another Day of Sun
9:05am Trailer   Serious Charge
9:09am Brian Tyler   The Mummy!
9:16am Basil Poledouris   Conan! - Anvil of Crom
9:18am Harry Lubin   Outer Limits - The Soldier
9:27am Outer Limits - Demon with the Glass Hand
9:27am Elvis Presley   Yoga is as Yoga Does
9:31am Jerry Goldsmith   Gremlins 2 - No Rats
9:31am Sherman Brothers   Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
9:36am Danny Elfman   Flubber
9:36am TV Theme   Wonderful World of Color
9:37am Nelson Riddle   Johnny Concho - The Challenge
9:43am Johnny Green   Radio Rhapsody
9:46am Psychotronix   The Swinger
9:49am Beau Hunks   Laurel and Hardy - The Bells
9:49am TV Theme   Most Wanted
9:56am Miklos Rozsa   That Hamilton Woman
9:59am TV Theme   MTV
10:00am Bob and Ray   Elmer Statley Word Wizard
10:02am Richard Stone   Sundown - Showdown
10:04am TV Theme   Branded
10:06am Ennio Morricone   Good Bad and Ugly
10:08am TV Theme   Avengers bumper
10:08am Prisoner   The Arrival - Party Dress
10:12am Piero Umiliani   Smog - Summer in California
10:15am Oingo Boingo   This Buds for You
10:16am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Locomotion
10:18am TV Theme   Mickey Mouse March
10:22am TV Theme   Kuklu Fran and Ollie
10:22am TV Theme   3 Stooges
10:31am Cool Secret Places   Issues in Oakland
10:32am Rocketeer   When Your Lover Has Gone
10:48am TV Mystery Theme   Inspector Gadget
10:48am Enzo Masetti   Hercules
10:59am Godzilla's Revenge
11:00am Hairspray   Madison Time
11:05am PSA   Veterans against Fireworks
11:06am William Axt   Thin Man Theme
11:06am PSA   Alameda Fireworks Warning
11:06am Paul Sawtell   Weird Woman
11:07am Donny & Marie   Boogie No More
11:13am Jerome Moross   Valley of the Gwangi - Night in the Valley
11:15am Jerry Goldsmith   Grim Reaper - Thriller
11:19am Aaron Copland   The Red Pony
11:26am Elmer Berstein   To Kill a Mockingbird - Summer's End
11:29am Mark Mothersbaugh   Pee Wee's Holiday - Pee Wee Says Goodbye
11:29am Johnny Green   Not Bad
11:31am Drawn Out Drama   DoD #9
11:32am Theodore Shapiro   Ghostbusters : Power of Patty Compels you
11:35am Trailer   The Money Trap
11:38am John Morris   Young Frankenstein
11:38am PSA   Fireworks and San Jose
11:38am William Lava   Revenge of the Creature
11:40am Von Dexter   The Tingler
11:45am Hans J Salter   House of Horrors
11:46am Psychotronix   White Tornado
11:47am Diahann Carroll Richard Kiley   Sweetest Sound I've Ever Heard
11:56am PSA   Cartoons and Fireworks
11:56am TV Theme   Who's Watching the Kids
11:58am TV Theme   Word Party
TV Theme