Honey Bear

Wednesday 4 July 2018 10:00pm to 1:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Neung Phak   Fucking USA 2 Abduction
10:05pm Michael Parenti   Land of Idols
10:05pm Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia   Appeasing the Great Porn God Fanny Batter Cheeses International
10:19pm Human Shield   Old Poison Demo 7" Cricket Cemetery
10:24pm Oso Blanco   Side A Heartbreak Kid 77Rise Recordings
10:26pm Controlled Death   Untitled (B1) Symphony for the Black Murder Urashima
10:43pm Rudy + Blitz   Thanks Anyways Thanks Anyways/ Humbahdigiduh Contract Recording
10:46pm Succumb   Seedling Succumb Flenser
10:52pm Perverted Ceremony   Whips of Impurity Sabbat of Behezael Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:57pm R.C. Boys   Onward! Christian Soldiers Rad Conspiracy Sacramento Records
10:59pm Chomsky, Noam   What Is "Old Europe" Anyway? Imperial Presidency, The AK Press Audio
11:00pm Thollem / Clouser / Chase   It's a Drab Dub Narcotic Session Vol.II Personal Archives
11:13pm All Your Sisters   Remains Uncomfortable Skin Flenser
11:21pm Pissgrave   Impaled Vibration Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Records
11:25pm TLC Fam   Tribute to Nomfundo Isbethelo SeGqom Gqom Oh!
11:37pm Blodfest   Bastard Son Krakes Blod Night Birds
11:41pm Wander   Mourning Mourning Other People
12:01am Oniku   Human Choice Cuts Way to Live Shit-Eye
12:02am Insect Ark   Windless Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Records
12:12am RLYR   Artificial Horizons Actual Existence Flenser
12:26am Machinedrum   Neujack Fenris District Ninja Tune
12:29am Linafornia   Wrdfromjazzoh (the Oracle) Yung Dome of Doom
12:31am Yellow Eyes   shrillness in the heated grass Immersion Trench Reverie Gilead Media
12:38am Moe Pope & Headnodic   That-A-That Megaphone NatAural High
12:44am Ambient Temple of Imagination   Space Program: Galactic Initiation From Here to Tranquility Vol. 6 Silent Records
12:53am Rambutan   I Should Be Tired Remember Me Now Kendra Steiner Editions
1:03am Jonah Dan   Genesis Intergalactic Dub Rock Abba Christos Tafari Studio
1:07am Tatira   Fire Everlasting Fire Everlasting Inam Records
1:13am Moms Mabley   Good Old Days Comedy Ain't Pretty Fuel 2000
1:21am Bren't Lewiis Ensemble   Lots of Afterbirth Taxidermy Frogs Copulating BUFMS
1:31am Cage, John   Seventy-Four (Version II) Seasons, The ECM Records