Dr Doug

Thursday 5 July 2018 1:57am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Kronos Quartet   Star Spangled Banner Plays Sigur Ros Nonesuch Records
2:06am Clash, the   Know Your Rights Combat Rock Epic Records
2:08am Williams, Robbin   The Flag live
2:14am Moira Scar   Zeta Rainbow Wound World Pt.1 Near Dark
2:20am Pop, Iggy   Tell Me a Story New Values Arista Records
2:23am Pop, Iggy   New Values New Values Arista Records
2:25am Pop, Iggy   Girls New Values Arista Records
2:28am Pop, Iggy   I'm Bored New Values Arista Records
2:31am Pop, Iggy   Don't Look Down New Values Arista Records
2:35am Pop, Iggy   The Endless Sea New Values Arista Records
2:39am Pop, Iggy   Five Foot One New Values Arista Records
2:43am Pop, Iggy   How Do Ya Fix a Broken Part New Values Arista Records
2:46am Pop, Iggy   Angel New Values Arista Records
2:50am Pop, Iggy   Curiosity New Values Arista Records
2:54am Pop, Iggy   African Man New Values Arista Records
2:56am Pop, Iggy   Billy Is a Runaway New Values Arista Records
3:01am Williamson, James & Pink Hearts, The   Judith Christ Behind the Shade Leopard Lady
3:04am Phainopepla   The Wolf at My Door Wolf at My Door/ Atmosphere, The Self Produced
3:11am Kallidad   Blood Cries from the Angel's Eyes Kallidad Self Produced
3:21am Gallery Night   I See You Waving S/T Dusty Medical Records
3:25am Joan and the Rivers   Zaccident Joan and the Rivers Snafu Family
3:29am Elevator Drops, The   Elevator to Heaven Elevator to Heaven Time Bomb Recordings
3:33am Psychic TV   Alice Pagan Day Dejamus Ltd.
3:41am Meat Slab   B Is For Your Boob Heman Disposal (Demo) Nutzz Recordzz, The
3:44am Ceramic Dog   Orthodoxy YRU Still Here? Northern Spy Records
3:49am Psychic Lemon   Exit to the Death Star Freuency.rhythm.distortion.delay Self Produced
3:58am Yaawn   Under the Wire Big House No Sky
4:02am Walsh, Joe   Turn to Stone Barnstorm Dunhill
4:07am Catchers   Shifting Shifting Setanta Records
4:14am Bottle   Zapatos Zapatos Co-dependent
4:17am Noun   Heaven Throw Your Body on the Gears and Stop the Machine with Your Don Giovanni Records
4:23am Goat Girl   Tomorrow Goat Girl Rough Trade Records
4:25am Bonnie Prince Billy   Cursed Sleep Cursed Sleep Palace Records/Drag City
4:30am Jabb   Magic Chalk EP Paperhouse
4:35am Chomsky, Noam   What the "Great Beast" Wants and Why It Is Deceived Imperial Presidency, The AK Press Audio
4:44am Explodo Boys, The   Cha-dooky-doo Later Years, The Flippist
4:47am Novak, Todd & The Benny Hillbilleez   Lover's Walk Goat's Head Surf toddnovakmusic.com
4:49am Astral   Architecture and Ideal Nikola Tesla's Missing Weapon Vibraphone Records
4:54am Hepburns, The   Top Shelf In the Mean Time Radio Khartoum
4:57am Tibbetts, Steve   Life of Lowell Life of ECM Records
5:03am Sly and the Family Stone   Hot Fun in the Summertime Greatest Hits Epic
5:05am Collins, Bootsy   Don't Let 'Em Play with Bootsy Eastwest Records America
5:13am Levy, Barrington   Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend Robin Hood Greensleeves Records Ltd.
5:17am Twinkle Brothers   Lady Glimmer of Hope Twinkle Records
5:21am Wander   Mourning Mourning Other People
5:36am Bezier   Organisation Maritime Parler Musique Dark Entries
5:37am Otherworld Ensemble   Intersections Live at Malmitalo Edgetone Records
5:51am Young Lovers   Absence Young Lovers/ Wander Headless Queen
5:51am Buffett, Jimmy   A Pirate Looks at Forty A1A Dunhill
5:51am Buffett, Jimmy   Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw A White Sportcoat Dunhill
5:51am Buffett, Jimmy   Cheeeburger in Paradise Son of a Son of a Sailor ABC
Turnquist, Alexander   Wildflower Flying Fantasy Western Vinyl