Robert Emmett

Saturday 7 July 2018 8:57am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Behave Yourself   Main Theme
9:05am Jerry Goldsmith   Escape from the Planet of the Apes
9:07am Trailer   12 to the Moon
9:08am John Powell   Robots -Overture
9:17am Dave Grusin   Goonies
9:19am Trailer   Desire Under the Elms
9:22am Carter Burwell   Goodbye Christopher Robin
9:27am In Case of Adversity   Main theme Bardotmania!
9:29am King Kong, the Musical   Opening No it's about boxing
9:36am Randy Newman   Toy Story 3 - So Long
9:37am Louis Armstrong   Sunrise, Sunset
9:40am I Like Men
9:42am Commercial   You Like People
9:46am Bear McCreary   Agents of SHIELD
9:47am Allan Gray   A Matter of Life & Death Red Shoes Music from the Golden Age of British Cinema
9:54am Jane Russell   Keep Your Eyes On the Hands
9:56am John Barry   You Only Live Twice
9:59am TV theme   Doctor Blake Mysteries
10:03am Bob and Ray   Power Shovel Maker
10:05am TV Theme   ITN News Escape in Time
10:07am Psychotronix   Coppertone
10:08am Jerome Moross   Valley of Gwangi -Capture Gwangi
10:12am Carl Stallings   Skeleton Dance
10:18am Lucille Ball   Jitterbug Bite
10:26am Cool Secret Place   Heidi's Pies in San Mateo
10:27am Michael Giacchino   Jurassic World
10:41am TV Mystery Theme   New Girl
10:41am John Scott Conducts   Lawrence of Arabia Concerts of Adventures
10:42am Raiders of the Lost Ark
10:44am Morton Stevens   Tiburon/Great White
10:58am Elmer Bernstein   Magnificent 7
11:00am Ryan Shore   Rex Steele
11:03am Brutal Juice   Bewitched
11:04am Aldo Piga   Playgirls and the Vampire
11:05am Aldo Piga   Vampire and the Ballerina
11:07am Ryan Shore   Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
11:14am Henry Mancini   This Island Earth - Amorous Mutant
11:16am TV Theme   Dark House
11:17am JoAnn Campbell   Mother Please, I'd Rather Do It Myself
11:23am Julie Andrews   Sound of Music
11:26am TV Theme   CBS Sunday Morning
11:26am Cartoon   Smile Darn Ya Smile
11:29am Karla DeVito   This Bud's For You
11:31am Psychotronix   Quiz Reel
11:34am Danny Elfman   Spiderman 2
11:39am TV theme   PBS Newshour
11:39am Diablo Sandwich Band   Major Mars March
11:43am Trailer   Last Action Hero
11:47am Jerry Goldsmith   Congo - Bail Out
11:49am The Three Treasures   theme Ultimate Collection of SciFi and Horror Themes
11:59am Hans Zimmer   Angels and Demons
11:59am Danny Elfman   The Flash