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Fred Renard

Thursday 17 July 2003 2:00am to 6:15am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Amon Duul   An Extremely Lovely Girl Dre Psychadelic Underground
Moncur, Grachan Iii   New Africa New Africa
Shepp, Archie   Blase Blase
Cherry, Don   Eagle Eye Orient/Eagle Eye/Togetherness
Golowin, Sergius   Die Weisse Alm Lord Krishna Von Goloka
Can   The Empress and the ... Unlimited Edition
Fall, the   Spectre Vs. Rector Dragnet
Organum   Cowl Submission
Pelt   Anchored Brown Cyclop Aedia
Kluster   Klopfzeichen Part Two Klopfzeichen
Knox, Chris   Under the Influence Duck Shaped Pain/Gum
Octant   Laquita Laquita Car Alarms and Crickets
Lowdown, the   Big Man Revolver 2
Papercuts, the   Gravity Rejoicing Songs
Mogwai   Ratts of the Capital Happy Songs for Happy People
Perrey, Jean Jacques   Barnyard in Orbit Musique Electronique Du Cosmos
28TH Day   Pages Turn Complete Recordings
Wire   Spent Send
Sleepers, the   Linda [coll]: Miner's Benefit
Planet/Point Line Plane, the   Descender Point Line Planet Ep, the
Deerhoof   Dummy Discards a Heart Apple O
Bowie, David   Mam Who Sold the World (B5) Man Who Sold the World, the
Os Mutantes   Bat Macumba Best of Os Mutantes, the
Flaming Lips, the   Hit Me Like You Did the 1ST Hit to Death in the Future Hea
Prolapse   Fob.Com Ghosts of Dead Aeroplane
Luna   Sleeping Pill Bewitched
Paradise Island   Get Up Get Up
Timms, Sally   Drunk By Noon Cowboy Sally
Low / Spring Heel Jack   Hand So Small Bombscare
Monade   Vol De Jour Socialisme Ou Barbarie
Chromatics   Skill Fall Arms Slither Away
Bride of no no   Real in My Friend S/T
Die Monitr Batss   Spread Yr Leggs Release the Youth Controllers
Kid 606   Retreat, the Most Familiar [coll]: Dancing Machine
Pere Ubu   Heart of Darkness Terminal Tower
Badfinger   We're for the Dark No Dice
Bbc Radiophonic W (soundtrack)   Pot Au Feu Bbc Radiophonic Workshop Vol 1
Midnight Cowboy (soundtrack)   Midnight Cowboy Midnight Cowboy
Neu   Isi 75