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The Garbage Man

Tuesday 13 January 2004 2:00am to 6:15am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Cristian Vogel   Gigantic Tautological... [coll]: In Memoriam Gilles
Phillip Sanderson   Reprint One ______________________________
Matmos   Last Delicious Cigarette West, the
Null, K.K.   Test Frequencies [coll]: Indiscreet Stereo Test
Ovum   Coyote Ugly [coll]: Deprogramming Music
Felipe, Dino   Slutt Petal (2 Crunch) Xanaconversex
Plastikman   Consumed Consumed
Yuji Takahashi   Tori Mo Tsukai Ka 2 [coll]: Ju-Jikan: Ten Hours of
2600   Invader Ship [coll]: Vgm Mix Tape #8
Crawl Unit   Density Test [coll]: Japanese American Nois
Square Pusher   Two Bass Hit (Ae Mix) Maximum Priest Ep
Monique Marquisa De Magdalena   Black Sabbath Rules [coll]: Beaten to the Bone
Clark, Chris   Rob Lee Ceramics Is the Bomb
Beequeen   Layered Layers [coll]: In Memoriam Gilles
Noam Chomsky   Propaganda and Control of .. [coll]: Less Rock, More Talk
Umbilical Limbo   Acoustical Properties [coll]: Indiscreet Stereo Test
Dabaghyan, Gevorg   Aravot Luso Miniatures
Optic Nerd   Televisionland Early Noodlings
Ora   Gnome Culture After Rainfall
Ooioo   Aster Kila Kila Kila
Plastikman   Lost Closer
Laibach   Overture To... [coll]: Vhutemas Archetypi
S.P.K.   Invocation [coll]: Vhutemas Archetypi
Philosophy Major   Hypnerotomachia
Campbell, Neil/Kneale,Campbell   Panzer Black Halo Feng Shui
Can   Tape Kebab Moonshake
Rome   Intermodal [coll]: In Memoriam Gilles
Pain Jerk   Acid Bath, Drip Bones [coll]: Ju-Jikan: Ten Hours of
Univers Zero   La Faulx Heresie
Hawthorne, Nathaniel   Young Goodman Brown ...Read By Basil Rathbone