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Regis Hyde

Wednesday 17 March 2004 2:15am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ae   Hawaii Love Your Smile
People Like Us   When I Was Young When I Was Young...
Calexico   Fade Hot Rail
Casino, Cotton   Open the Shine 100% Pure Cotton
Radio Java   Radio Republik Indonesia Radio Java
Animal Collective   Slippi Here Comes the Indian
Aerial M   Dazed and Awake Aerial M
Clouddead   The Keen Teen Skip Ten
Love Letter Band, the   I Heard a Sound Even the Pretty Girls Take....
Books on Tape   See You in Tokyo Books on Tape Sings the Blues
Adult   People, You Can Confuse Anxiety Always
Boyskout   Eye Make Up School of Etiquette
Neutral Mute   Ordinary Ambulance ______________________________
Buddy System, the   Tom Told Me PT2 Transitions
Eight Frozen Modules   Rdverselr Rffected Abduction of Barry, the
Kobi   It Had Been there All Night Projecto
Aero   After Rises & Falls
Tiki Obmar   Lillypads a High School Confidential
Shalabi Effect   Bright Guilty World Pink Abyss
Monoblock   4 [coll]: Spezial Material 03
Aero-Mic'd   Broken Nosegay (Self-Titled)
Clearlake   Come Into the Darkness Cedars
Sheck, Zeek   Rebrainwash Center Care Company Vs Zeek Sheck, th
Waits, Tom   Earth Died Screaming Bone Machine
Corpus Callosum   16 - Line Love Song Strange Fruit
Ms. John Soda   No.One While Talking
Mountain Goats, the   Home Again Garden Grove We Shall All Be Healed
Gd Luxxe   Which Side Are You On? 21ST Door, the
Skip Found Teli + M-Pi   Do You Like Oshiko ? [coll]: Hot New Herbal Break..
Cuomo   Those "Old Stock Pavillion.. Ejazz
Mountaineers   Sewing Messy Century
Aerial Service Area 2   150 G Space Weight Pt. 2 150 G Space Weight
Audio Sports   Return to 1 More Era of Glittering Gas
Bonobo   Kota Animal Magic
Greyboy   Hold It Down Mastered the Art
Genuine Electric Latin Love Ma   Smarty Time Introducing the Neat Beat
Ghislain Porer   Civil Disobedience Beats As Politics
Immortal Technique   You Never Know Revolutionary Vol. 2
No Luck Club   Lousy Lover Happiness
Books, the   Enjoy Your Worries, You... Thought for Food
Cul De Sac   Bamboo Rockets, Half Lost... Death of the Sun
At the Court of the Mwami   Ichimanura At the Court of the Mwami