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Regis Hyde

Wednesday 14 April 2004 2:00am to 6:15am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Four Tet   Cload [coll]: Osmosis
Clogs, the   Elevenses [coll]: Don't Shoot the Toy..
Link   Amenity [coll]: Now, Listen!
Schwartzeneggar   Happy Hour [coll]: Music for the Proleta
Laurie Johnson   Happy Go Lively [coll]: Music for T V Dinners
M. Behrens   That Which Is the [coll]: Tribryd
Soft Pink Truth   Adeusz [coll]: Night Owls 02
Jah Wobble   Nev 12 [coll]: Axiom Dub
X Plastaz   Msimu Kwa Msimu [coll]: Rough Guide to African
Purr   Pitbull [coll]: Crack of a Belgian...
Rasputin & the Mad Monks   I Had Too Much to Dream... [coll]: Beyond the Cauco Wall
Surface of Eceyon   Concert of Stars [coll]: Crickets & Fireflies
Philistines, Jr., the   The Annual Convention.... [coll]: Corners of the Mouth
Masha Qrella   I Want You to Know [coll]: Wire Tapper 09, the
Kim Hiorthoy   Track 5 [coll]: Wire Tapper 10, the
Dj Shadow   Entropy [coll]: Solesides Greatest Bus
Wade Marcus   Spinning Wheel [coll]: When Hip Hop Was Art..
Simtec and Wylie   Bootleggin' [coll]: Slurped Too!
Dxt   If 666 Was '96 [coll]: Altered Beats
Fanaye Tesfaye   Tchewata [coll]: Rough Guide to Ethiopi
Steinski & Mass Media   It's Up to You (War Mix) [coll]: War(If It Feels Good
Del/Byzanteens, the   Girl's Imagination [coll]: Anti-Ny
Orange Machine   Real Life Permenant Dream [coll]: Rubble 7
Youth & Drugs Seminar   Bad Vibrations [coll]: Music Is Revolution
Joe Frank   Larry and Zach [Coll] Joefrank.Com
Miles   Miles Goes for His [coll]: Sitar Beat V1 Indian S
Santa Esmeralda   Don't Let Me Be Misunderstoo [coll]: Kill Bill (soundtrack)
Viceroys Aka Hot Tops   Give It to Him [coll]: Red Bumb Ball
Interruptor, the   The Return of Sleng [coll]: Roots of Dub Funk
Jeshu   Gen-Modus [coll]: Six Records Breaks You
Mum   Green Grass of Tunnel [coll]: Branches and Routes
Mathieu/Mens/Schaefer/Timeblin   Seventh Floor Quality Hotel
Montag   Nicht Weit [coll]: Mutek 03
Alien Army   Destroy [coll]: Return of the Dj V.5
Bibson/Xuman   Kay Jel Ma [coll]: Africa Raps
Immortal Technique   The Cause of Death Revolutionary Vol. 2
Trans Am   Pretty Close to the Edge Liberation
Mac Lethal   Jenna Loves Lethal Love Potion Collection, the
Human Rights   Shame in Dem Game I Luv
Niobe   Out of Limbo Tse Tse
Jettatura   Bed of Stars Squadra Fantasma
Asa Chang & Junray   Xylophone Tsu Gi Ne Pu