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Regis Hyde

Wednesday 19 May 2004 2:15am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Tiki Obmar   Lillypads a High School Confidential
Din-St   U Make Me Yamu D'-Din
Deerhoof   Rainbow Silhouette Milk Man
Stark Reality   Shooting Stars Now
Cocorosie   Good Friday La Maison De Mon Reve
Connie Acher & Blind Drnk John   Happy Harlem For the Love of It
Doiron, Julie   Sending the Photographs Heart and Crime
Davis, Greg   Improved Dreaming Curling Pond Woods
Darling Kandie   Look at the Musik People Next Door
Kyriakides, Yannis   A Conspiracy Cantata - 5 A Conspiracy Cantata
Damenbart   Bewusstseinserweiterung Impressionen '71
Shimada, Aiko   In Our Park Like Hannah
Pylon   7 Not Cobras
Soundtrack Man W (soundtrack)   Beach Man with a Movie Camera
Laminar   Burst Nozzle
Ashytray Navigations   Jungle Sam Katzmann You Cannot Tell Cigars...
Akchote/Auzet/Ferrari   Sur Le Contraste Impro-Mircro-Acoutisque
Tsurubami   Ariake Naredo Sayani Tsukuyomi Ni
Banhart, Devendra   Will Is My Friend Rejoicing in the Hands
Adams, Ryan   Political Scientist Love Is Hell
Kammerflimmer Kollektief   Neumond Inselhin Cicadidae
Kid Icarus   Last Chance for a Painting Maps of the Saints
Dimitri From Paris   Souvenir De Paris [coll]: La Yellow Collection
Blockhead   Triptych Pt. 2 Music By Cavelight
Automato   Cool Boots Automato
No Luck Club   (What Is) Pop Music Happiness
Mac Lethal   Pass Teh Ammo Love Potion Collection, the
Steinski & Mass Media   It's Up to You (War Mix) [coll]: War(If It Feels Good
Paris   Freedom Sonic Jihad
Three Pieces, the   Backed Up Against the Wall [coll]: Jazz Dance Classics V1
Azeem & Variable Unit   Sound Field Mayhem Mystics
Adventure Time   Sent From..Ft S.Williams/Sac Dreams of Water Themes
Electrelane   This Deed [coll]: Wire Tapper 09, the
Dynasty   My Information Dynasty
Ae   Hawaii Love Your Smile
Why?   Darla [coll]: Anticon Label Sampler
Dj Signify   Winters Going W/ Buck 65 Sleep no More
X Plastaz   Msimu Kwa Msimu [coll]: Rough Guide to African
Tata Pound   Badala [coll]: Africa Raps
Colon, Johnny   Merecumbe [coll]: Nuyorican Funk Experie