Fundraiser 2018 — Donate now!

Radio that's weirder than you, but not by much.

Fundraiser 2018

Once a year, as summer draws to a close, KFJC transforms into full-on super infinity Fundraiser Mode. As non-profit, non-commercial purveyors of unusual sound, we rely on our friends and listeners for financial support — and love them for it! Your contributions help us continue broadcasting for another year, and we've got a wide range of gifts to say thank you.

Events & Specials
Mini-Mutations and Phineas Narco Live in the Pit

Tuesday October 9 at 7pm
Mini-Mutations and Phineas Narco subvert the KFJC airwaves with live set of experimental cut-ups. Cynthia Lombard hosts.

Hemotoxin Live Mic

Saturday November 10 at 3PM
East bay thrashers, Hemotoxin, join honey bear and teachers aids to worship death in the KFJC pit. They'll slit your bellies and play in your blood as they mosh away the afternoon with gore induced death metal. You've been warned!

Praying Live Mic

Saturday November 17 at 3:33PM
Oakland's loudest band, Praying, blasts off in the KFJC pit. Join in as the sludge lords deliver harsh-heavy riffs and experimental doom and gloom to your ear holes! Hosted by honey bear and teachers aids.

Music Reviews
With dozens of new titles each week, KFJC DJs discuss what we add to the library and why.

Our training class runs every college quarter, from 7:30-9:30pm on Wednesday evenings. The next class starts on September 26th.

Concert Outlook
Your source for live sound in the Bay Area, and a list of clubs where you can hear it at.

Donations & Swag
Don't hesitate, look great. Shirts, hoodies, tote bags, KFJC live compilations and more, all in support of our broadcast operation.