Cy Thoth assaulted the airwaves from his bunker deep inside the bowels of the majic mountain for seven years from 2006 - 2013.

"Let us ingest the pyromaniac mana of the under world hosts/and receive the unction of the narcotic carcasses of the ghosts/as we descend the spiral stairs and the circle of eternal return/to hear the voices of the damned & the possessed in the nether world...."

With these words Cy Thoth would prepare his audience for the assault to come, a non-stop violation of our consensual reality for four hours every "Thorsday" on kfjc. With his distinctive vocal delivery and super-impositions "a la William Burroughs and Gysin," Cy Thoth's Firebunker was required listening for anyone actively resisting the dominant paradigm during the dark years from 2006-2013.

2014 - 2020: Hear voices from the void and echoes from the bardo plane every Thorsday at kfjc.org where we will re-stream seven years worth of the Firebunker. Starting with his earliest show we will stream one show a week starting every Thorsday at 2pm. The shows will be available here for three weeks from their posting date.

This week's Firebunker archive:

April 19, 2019 - Firebunker 266 (original air date April 14, 2011)

The maelstrom that awaits you on this week's set is sheer devastation. With white knuckles, pounding hearts, and eyes aflame we await a baptism in waves of sonic violence. Domination begets surrender. The Ebb and flood of energy within the vacuum of our ephemeral consciousness is ever-present and ever-changing. And as we must doggedly attempt to withstand the suffering of this realm we must also inevitably falter. Sometimes we are given a choice, we can charge pell-mell into oblivion, spilling our blood impotently into the earth or we can bow our heads and succumb. Submit to the projects Thou, Darkthrone, and Razorhoof along with a battalion of others. Our overlords demand VOLUME. On K-F-J-C the WAVE of the WEST!

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April 19, 2019 - Firebunker 265 (original air date April 14, 2011)

On this set from Freak week 2011 our liege wastes no time on ceremony, instead hurling us through the aural abyss. Careening through bottomless chasms filled only with with drone and the disembodied voices of authors long departed. Crusty dirges from the bowels of a subterranean charnel house, and watch out! Cy Thoth plays metal. Thick glittering veins of over-driven guitars and the resonate echos of the damned and deranged. Plunge into the depths of the profane with the projects Sunn O))), Milton, and Corrupted along with a smattering of others. It's KFJC ... your source for subliminal subversion!

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April 11, 2019 - Firebunker 264 (original air date April 7, 2011)

As you meander through the sprawling catacombs of the aural underground you begin to hear the hum of an distant but familiar sound. You turn left to find an unseen alcove and a hidden passage. Following the drone you notice the stone floor begins to turn to rock, rubble, and then to dirt. Dirt to sand and sand to ash and now a rolling murmur of voices can be heard. Continuing on you find the walls have changed as well. No longer plaster, no longer concrete. Clay gives way to earth and earth to mud and then rough-hewn timber. Unmistakably, the beat of primal drums and wail of tortured souls fills the air. The walls are now obsidian and seem to reflect spectral figures bathed in the starlight that emanates from the now invisible floor. Looking up, you are surrounded by distant galaxies uncoiling through eternity and shimmering plumes of cosmic dust. You've arrived. Before you, a portal surrounded by arcane symbols that glimmer in an eerie, unearthly light. Now! Roll a d20 saving throw against Spells and Magic Staves to retain your sanity and possibly survive the onslaught of the projects Sollubi, Molloch, and Razorhoof along with a slew of others! On this week's Firebunker!

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April 4, 2019 - Firebunker 263 (original air date March 31, 2011)

Today in the garden on the Magic Mountain, reflecting on escape, freedom, and liberation! Another stirring set where in Cy Thoth gathers and then releases our collective psyches from this earthly realm so that we may run rough-shod over the Bardo plane, lifting ourselves, if momentarily, from the quagmire and suffering of this material world. Emancipating us from the entrapment of desire, extricating us from the entanglement of pride and ego, and disencumbering us from the shackles of despair. We are given the choice to release ourselves from these ties that bind so that we might revel in four hours of transcendent sonic Mana from the past. Invoke your autonomy with the projects, Sounds of American Doomsday Cults, William S. Burroughs, and Tim Heckler along with a surging mob of others. This show is your blade! Your liberation is immanent. It's KFJC, the wave of the west!

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